What matters to SJ


Welcome to a life adventure. Find the strength within yourself to make a life you want.

     Therapy can feel scary to many people. My position is that a client leads the way and I follow close behind.  They set the pace in accomplishing what they want to accomplish. My job is to teach skills and provide tools that will serve their goals.

      The client sets a sacred path and we both are called to honor that.


What do you want your life to be?

     Finding my passion has been a life long quest. My music page is a manifestation of one of my dreams. I have taken many pictures on this cite, another passion. If you work with me I can guide you to what you are passionate about and brings you joy. 

     I love to be outdoors in nature, sing, write songs, play and practice piano and guitar, write poetry, plant  flowers, spend time  with my grandchildren and play with my dog, Daisy,     

the dramatic beauty of a storm on Lake Texoma

What brings you joy ? How will you answer this.

     Music has always been the path to joy for me. Joy and passion are somewhat married. Experiencing passion brings me deep joy. Spiritual experiences often come from joy and bring joy. 

     Creativity wears many faces and I feel is essential to my connection with Spirit. Inspiration is being 'in–spirit' and this for me means breathing in the breath of life or Spirit. Spiritual growth is important to me and therapy is one way to explore spirituality. Workshops and classes I offer in Fort Worth are other ways to search. 


About SJ as a therapist and what she offers.

Join SJ and find the joy in living life.


To enter the mystery of therapy takes great courage.  When two people embark on what one person wants and how the other can guide, both are challenged to bring forth their very best.  

SJ uses various models to facilitate the client reaching their goals.  She teaches tools for dealing with anxiety, anger and depression. 

These  models include: 

  • Transactional Analysis(TA) 
  • EFT 
  • Shame Reduction 
  • Stress busting 
  • Healing anger through core value 
  • Communication snags addressed with Transactional Analysis
  • Imago, specific techniques to improve how we connect              

Becoming acquainted with ourselves is a revealing adventure.


"Grow to who we are meant to be."              anonymous    


     It is exciting to witness another person realize that they have been living with untrue beliefs since childhood. 


     The realization, "It's not all my fault" has great impact. They no longer bear the responsibility for everything that happens.  


     Another powerful recognition is "I've had what I have been looking for all along."  We form these ideas about ourselves in response to our environment. 


     Many of us grow up feeling something is missing, Some say we are born with a longing to connect with something greater than ourselves.  

We have tried many ways to fill what's missing.   

Give therapy a try.


Taking photos is one way we can experience nature's beauty

There are many classes SJ offers.  For more information please call 817 538 0388.

The adventure of life involves finding different ways of viewing the world. I have heard people say, "I don't have time to look at a rainbow or a flower."  I feel sad when I hear that and at the same time realize there have been times in my life that was true for me.

I am grateful today that I can take time to see the beauty in our world. To feel grateful I have eyes that see. There is music in nature when I stop to listen. On the journey of healing, expanding our possibilities becomes imperative. So lets have fun in the doing.